Wellness is optimized with a holistic approach. My approach combines eastern practices and traditions with western psychology. Psychotherapy, along with ancient tradition has been a doorway to wisdom and healing for many. Trauma can disempower and disconnect us from self and surroundings; trauma informed healing  practices can ultimately  give you your power back. Freeing yourself from the tyranny of depression, anxiety, stress, trauma and relationship issues is not just about looking at your past and future, but it is also about being in your present.

Therapy takes courage.  

Every step is gentle.

Psychotherapy is not about bulldozing through the resistance- it is about gently  working around and through the edges.

The video below will give a glimpse of what therapy is about and how it may unfold for you...

Interoception. Presence. Practice


"The journey of becoming who we were meant to be never ends. It's limitless, eternal.   We don't arrive. We grow. And to grow requires presence and practice" Mark Nepo